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What is the best hookup app? Looking for the best hookup app that will actually get you laid fast? Take this free quiz to get matched with the best hookup app for you.
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Forget Tinder, or the League, let us find the best app for you.

Not all dating sites are created equal and that's a fact you need to keep in mind. Certain dating sites tower above the competition, some in terms of user base and some in terms of useful features. It all depends on your individual tastes and requirements, and luckily for you, our quiz will determine exactly what you need and suggest you an online dating app (or apps) that'll ensure you get laid in record time.

You can't just grab any old dating app and expect instant success. You need to find the app that works best for you. For example, some users thrive best on apps where they have plenty of choice. Other people might work better on sites and apps that have less people but with a more niche interest. Maybe some people prefer anonymity, and some users might just want a little sexting and nothing more. Whatever your preference, we'll make it happen!

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Try our quiz and revitalize your sex life today

Finding your perfect dating app isn't an easy task. With so many options out there, it can take a lot of trial error to find the platform that gels with your personal preferences, but our quiz is here to do the hard work for you.

We take your personal details into account and find an app that will let you shine and get you easy local women in no time at all. Here's everything that our quiz uses to find your ideal hook up site:


Location is a very important part of hooking up. Some apps fair better in certain areas, and we know exactly which ones cater to which parts of the world. For example, someone in California would have much more success on BeNaughty than they would on Tinder. Likewise, there are plenty of lesser known platforms for Canadians and Europeans to thrive on.

Sexual Preferences

Another crucial part of the hooking up process is your sexual preferences, and we don't just mean gay and straight. Certain users might be more sexually fluid than others, so even though they're bisexual they would still fair incredibly well on places like Grindr. We also take into account your willingness to engage in more risque sexual activites like threesomes or orgies!

Kinks & Fetishes

Got a particular bedroom kink? Don't worry, we have you covered there too. Our quiz database has hundreds of niche fetish sites listed, covering everything from BDSM lifestylers to foot fetishists and more. You'll be able to choose from a huge number of kinks and we'll take them all into account to find a platform where you'll be able to find like-minded users into the same naughty activities as you.

Physical Appearance

While physical appearance isn't super important, it can certainly make a difference which platform you'll shine on. Young, muscular gents will favor better on swipe-based platforms like Tinder or BeNaughty while more mature guys are better suited to apps like eHarmony and Adult Friend Finder. All we require is a short description and we'll find a site where your looks will go in your favor!
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Here are the best hookup apps to try in 2021

While our quiz will match you to the perfect dating site for your personal needs, there are some casual dating apps that are always a sure bet. If you want to dive right in, here are our top 10 dating sites to check out right now:


One site that guarantees sex from the get-go is BeNaughty. While it's a relatively new app on the scene, it's still got as many active members as some of the mainstream names out there, and as you'll tell by the name it's purely geared towards people looking for casual engagements and no strings fucking. The app is really big in California so if you're on the west coast, you'll make some friends on here.

Features are minimal in favor of a swipe-based matching system. Just scroll through profiles and swipe right on anyone who takes your fancy. If you match, you can then begin chatting. It sounds a lot like Tinder, but BeNaughty mixes things up by allowing users to upload explicit pictures in their profiles. Not sure where to swipe right on that local MILF? Check out her profile pics and see how she looks naked. That will definitely help persuade you!


✅ Simple and streamlined
✅ Exclusively casual
✅ Totally free


❌ Swipe system only
❌ Busy interface

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is one of the oldest online dating sites on the scene, having been facilitating casual sex and one night stands for over twenty years now. Today, it still stands up as one of the best free hookup sites around, boasting a vast user base, plenty of interactive features and a gleaming user interface that makes navigating the app a total breeze.

With a healthy community of hot and horny people all over the world, Adult Friend Finder combines social media and online dating elements into one fantastic package that helps take the hassle out of meeting men, women, couples and whatever else you might be looking for. It's even got a nifty video chat feature to take your naughty convos to the next level.


✅ Huge user base
✅ Geared towards hookups 
✅ Great matches feature 


❌ Must sign up to view profiles
❌ Lack of search options

Ashley Madison

Not all dating apps exist to match singles together. Some look to match people who are already in a relationship... with other people, and Ashley Madison is the Ivy League of them all. That's right, the users on Ashley Madison are looking for some extra-marital hookups and they're not picky about who they do it with. As long as that someone isn't their husband.

As you might expect, discretion and anonymity is at the core of Ashley Madison. Some profiles are completely blanked out until you're invited to view it by the owner and most profiles don't display pics until you're given permission. But even so, cheating women make for great hookup partners because they're impulsive and only care about sex.


✅ Purely for affairs
✅ Discretion encouraged 
✅ 5 million users 


❌ Controversial and immoral
❌ Profile pictures are blurred by default
❌ No matches system


Tinder is a major player in the world of hookup sites, having invented the much loved swiping system used by most modern casual dating apps these days. Today, Tinder is still a hook up paradise, bringing together men and women for one night stands and casual dating every night of the week. It's quite limited in features, but the app is still worth checking out for a number of reasons.

While Tinder used to be a place to exclusively find a casual hookup, it's since become a place to find a relationship of any kind. Most users put what they're looking for in their profile, so it's quite straightforward to weed out the people not looking for the same thing as you. With that said, the user base is so vast that you'll find more than enough people desiring casual hook ups and nothing more.


✅ 50 million users
✅ Detailed profiles 
✅ Easy matches 


❌ Controversial and immoral
❌ Very crowded
❌ Younger users


Grindr is the best and most reliable app to find a casual hookup in the gay community. Not only does it have a user base of 20 million plus, but it's also completely free to use and has a casual atmosphere that few other gay hookup apps can match. To say that the users on Grindr are looking for no strings attached fun is putting it mildly, since the horny men on here have something of a reputation.

The last thing you'll find on Grindr is someone looking for a serious relationship, since the people on here are all about the fuck, suck and chuck. Grindr actually reports the most user interaction of any fuck app in existence, mainly because men are much less pickier than women when it comes to sex options. No dates, just lots of dick pics and regular matches.


✅ Best app for gay men
✅ High match success rate 
✅ Purely for hookups 


❌ Bare profiles
❌ Mostly young men
❌ Very promiscuous


When it comes to mainstream dating sites, eHarmony is one of the biggest and most trustworthy platforms around. It's been around for twice as long as Tinder and even beats Adult Friend Finder by a few years too. eHarmony has a reputation for being a place to find a long term partner, and while that's true to an extent, it's still useful for seeking out friends with benefits and no strings attached hookups.

eHarmony has a lot to love, including a professional user interface, lots of potential matches and plenty of options when it comes to relationship types. With that said, you might have to endure a few dinner dates before finally sleeping with that new someone, but if you don't mind a little social interaction, eHarmony is as good a site as any to meet frisky women.


✅ Reputable dating site
✅ Good match feature
✅ All relationship types featured


❌ No free version
❌ Not many young people


Seeking is sugar daddy dating updated for the modern age. As soon as you sign up to this fantastic app, you'll find wealthy men showing off their material possessions and gorgeous women flaunting their amazing figures. Sure, sugar daddy dating is a little transactional and shallow, but if everyone's happy then what's the problem? And given the number of users on here, sugar dating is very much in.

Providing you're a guy with a hefty bank account, you'll find the women on Seeking throwing themselves at you without a second thought. Stick a picture of a yacht in your profile and you'll be drowning in messages before you can get a word out. Is it a place to find your perfect someone? Definitely not. Is it a place to find women who'll trade sex for an easy life? Absolutely.


✅ Easy to stand out
✅ More women than men
✅ Limited free version available


❌ Credit system
❌ Bare user profiles
❌ Transactional


Finding a one night stand in the alternative dating scene isn't easy. Most people in the lifestyle tend to require emotional connections and understanding before progressing to some kinky fun, but the users on Feeld aren't so picky. As a top alternative dating site with a wealth of open-minded members, Feeld makes finding a fetish fuck easier than a teen slut on prom night.

Kinky hookups are rife on Feeld, making it ideal if you're into non-vanilla sex. BDSM lovers, swingers, cuckolds, submissives, leather lovers, furries - you name it. If it's a little perverted and a little out of the ordinary, Feeld offers sexual hookup options galore. Your potential matches only limited by your willingness to get a little nasty.


✅ Top alternative hookup site
✅ Open minded user base
✅ Lots of options for alternative sex


❌ Profile verification required
❌ Subscription required


Unlike most other hookup apps, Hinge promotes quality over quantity. Rather than encouraging its users to message every single woman on their platform, Hinge asks you get to know the person on the other side of the screen. Sure, it sounds like it wouldn't translate well to hooking up, but Hinge reports incredibly high success rates between its users.

Every day, you're matched with 2 people. You're then free to talk to these people to see if they'd be a good fit for you. If you don't like them, just wait until the next day. Hinge isn't a site to use on its own, but it's a great platform to pair with another favorite fuck site for maximum hook up options. Or if personality and connection is important, Hinge is the way to go.


✅ Minimal matches
✅ Unique dating app
✅ No endless swiping


❌ Not great for instant hook ups
❌ More men than women


For something a little different, Luxy has an interesting gimmick that helps connect wealthy men and women with each other. To be accepted onto Luxy, you need to prove that you earn a minimum of $200,000 per year, and once that's done, you'll be given access to all of the equally-rich ladies looking for a man of similar status to themselves.

It's the opposite of a sugar dating website because it means that both parties have something to offer the relationship. For some wealthy women, impulsive hook ups are risky because they're always worried about being purposely targeted for their money or jewelry. But Luxy helps them find men who they're more likely to bond with on both a personal and status level.


✅ Verified members
✅ Plenty of rich women
✅ Traditional features


❌ Very exclusive
❌ Long verification process
❌ Not many members
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Want to dominate on hookup apps? Here's how:

Sign up to any hook up article listed above and you'll quickly find eager women sliding into your DMs, but why not increase your chances of getting noticed for maximum hook up options? On every hookup site, there are a few tried-and-tested methods to ensure that people notice you right away. After all, you want as many hookup options as you can handle!

Here are the top three ways you can jig your profile for maximum exposure.

Profile Pictures

The first thing people see on dating profiles are the photos. Just like in real life, you'll see someone before you get to know their personality, so it's important to follow the same rules so that you're guaranteed to get a conversation going. Think of your profile photo as the foot in the door, and then it's a straight path to easy sex.

The important part is to choose a profile photo that shows who you really are. Don't hide behind filters or bad angles. The ladies on these dating sites don't really care what you look like, but they'd like an idea who they're going to be fucking later that night. Try to include a good shot of your face and ideally your body type too.

Fill Out Your Bio

A lot of people completely ignore their bio and let their pictures do the talking. But it's a revealing statistic that profiles without bios get 68% less engagement than profiles that have them fully written out. Your potential hook up partner might not care about your personality, but your written bio is a quick and easy way to show that you've got a smart head on your shoulders.

Don't forget, pretty much all of the women you'll meet just want discreet hookups. Some of them might even be married or have boyfriends, so they want a fuck partner who can keep things on the down low. They don't want some kid who's going to go round bragging that they nailed the slut at number 35. A quick written profile (with coherent sentences) shows that you're capable of using your head for more than just eating pussy.

Be Clear

Find What is it you want from your sex site of choice? While one person might be looking to find a new friends with benefits, someone else might be looking for a quick fuck in a nearby parking lot. There are big differences between the two, and if you and a potential match aren't looking for similar thing, you're going to waste a lot of time learning that fact.

That's why it's important that you write exactly what you're looking for in your profile. Most people do exactly that, so don't think it's shameless or abrupt. You don't have to be overly explicit, just something like "mostly after a casual arrangement, maybe a friends with benefits deal. Not here for anything long term!"  
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I used Tinder for years and never had any luck at all. I made a few matches and dated a few women, but I could count the amount of hookups I had on one hand. But that's when I found HookupApps.VIP and decided to give it a shot. I took the quiz and it suggested that I try a couple of lesser known dating sites, ones I'd never even heard of before. I was reluctant, but I gave them a go and was amazed at the instant success I had! I even had a one night stand on my first day of signing up!

23 comments, 16 shares
Kenny, Hookup app user

To me, the world of hookup sites is a total minefield. There's so many hookup apps to choose from nowadays that even if you pick one, you worry what you're missing with the others! But HookupApps.VIP really helped me find the sites and apps that worked for me. The matching system is so accurate that the two sites it recommended, I haven't stopped using them since. The amount of strangers I've fucked as a result is absolutely out of this world!

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I'm quite picky when it comes to my hookup site choice. I'm not just going to use the mainstream dating apps because there's always too many people on them to stand out. I much prefer something less busy but with a better community, and that's exactly what this site helped me find. I now have a great thing going on a niche little dating site full of fetish lovers and lifestylers. It's perfect for what I want, and HookupApps.VIP helped me find it. Now, I'm getting matches every few hour of the day!

103 comments, 56 shares

Hookup App Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bumble a hookup app?

Bumble is a fantastic hook up app that reports a very high success rate amongst its users. Bumble's gimmick is one of the most unique of all adult dating sites, prompting users to make contact immediately after matching and therefore speeding up the hook up process.

Is Tinder a hookup app?

Yes, Tinder is a top tier hookup site that has been synonymous with finding casual sex and one night stands since 2012. While Tinder has since evolved into a more all-encompassing online dating platform as opposite to a pure hookup site, it's still one of the best free hookup sites in the dating scene today.

Is Hinge a hookup app?

While Hinge is more of a place to find long term relationships, it still attracts a large number of users who are looking for a hookup. While it's not the number one hookup site around today, it's still worth checking out for the sheer number of people on there.

Is Tumblr a hookup site?

Tumblr isn't a dating site as such. It's more of a social media site, but like any good social media site, it can still be used as a way to find casual sex and no-strings-attached fun. As of 2021, Tumblr has an impressive 32 million regular users, and around 23% of these users have blogs with adult content in them.